My-cupoftea.com is my personal insight on how to improve daily living.

Born from my passion of everything that is “special” and not limited by simple beauty parameters, my blog seeks to find values that could really make the difference. Day after day, I research places, people, books, wines, foods, gifts ideas…that inspired me which I would like to share.

I pass on to my-cupoftea.com blog followers all my special venues, off the beaten tracks, for those who wish to go one step further on their own turf or for those who hate being a “tourist” elsewhere. For those always seeking an original gift idea and who have little time but want it to be top quality.


Each address, idea or website published on my blog are the result of my personal research, totally unpaid for.

I have personally visited or tested all the hotels mentioned on my blog, in my suggested restaurant list I’ve never been a guest and picked up the tab myself,  the wines, foods and books I mention are part of an insider track list  updated also through my special friends and sometimes my faithful readers. All published e-websites are previously tested before suggesting them.

Please feel free to make any new suggestion in order to make my blog even more interesting!

PS Comments are always welcome on this blog, but I reserve the right to delete any comments that are self-promoting and/or not related to post topics. Feel free to send me a note  on the blog’s email: mycupofteawithyou@gmail.com

Faithfully yours



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